About Developer

What is name of the Developer?
Olympeo Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Where is the corporate office of the developer?
The company office is located : 1201 – 1205, 12th Floor, Goodwill Infinity, Plot No E/3A, Sector- 12, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210

What is value proposition of developer?
Olympeo is an affordable housing development company specializing in active lifestyle development. Presently, Olympeo is developing large integrated project promoting active and healthy living for urban low to mid income families. Olympeo is focusing to make active lifestyle affordable to masses which currently are meant only for the privileged few. Experienced management team of Olympeo with IIT and IIM background are single mindedly focused on delivering quality houses with on time delivery thereby building a long lasting relationship and trust with its customers

How Olympeo is ensuring construction quality of their project?
We are process driven company. Our approach follows the manufacturing industries to ensure timely delivery and under budgets. We are intended to revolutionise the building construction the way it has been build. We shall not construct home but manufacture it. The modular unit design, use of technology and minimising human resources ensures timely completion and reduction in unforeseen contingencies. It ensures the production remains under budget.

  • Extensive use of Technology
    We simulate construction process on computer to the detail using “Building Information Technology” before actually breaking the ground. We foresee maximum of the scenarios thereby undertaking stress testing giving us all the risk of construction methodology and take rectification measure prior to start construction. Use of technology enhances our planning and tracking process and aids us for all possible engineering solution to build fast. Our buildings are earthquake, flood, rodent and fire resistant.

At Olympeo, we build houses faster than our competitors.

  • Engineering
    The houses of Olympeo are designed to earthquake resistant Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) beam and columns structure. Also these houses are flood, fire and rodent resistant. Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Services are fully integrated into the infrastructure master-plan and building engineering, from concealed pipes and conduits to the network of underground stormwater drains and water recharge pits.
  • Design of the flats
    The design goal is to build compact housed without compromising the spaces as well providing natural light and ventilation to each room. Our buildings have minimum possible common build-up area and totally eliminated unusable space from design. Target market is the first time home buyer whose main barrier to buy a home is cost.
  • Infrastructure Development
    We shall be able to provide infrastructural service within project site including water treatment, sewage treatment, sanitation, roads, primary education and primary healthcare.

What are the future plans of the Developer?
Olympeo has vision, “to be housing partner of choice” and is planning to launch 3 more projects in outskirts of Mumbai Metropolitan Region in next 1 year. Olympeo has target to present itself in major cities of western and central India including but not limited to Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad, Nasik, Nagpur, and Surat in near future.

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